Understanding Trademarks

A trademark is a brand name - usually any word, name, slogan, logo, or symbol. It is a way to protect and distinguish your products and services. It ensures that only the owner of the trademark will reap the benefits of the financial and reputational rewards associated with the mark and its relative products or service.

Trademarks are a powerful tool necessary to solidify and protect your company's image. They prevent unauthorized use of your mark and allow customers to easily and securely identify your company. For example, the trademarked roar of Leo the Lion is immediately associated with MGM Studios' movies. Though a sound is a less conventional trademark, it is a distinguishing element of MGM Studios.
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In order to obtain a trademark, you must either currently be using your mark in commerce, or have real intent to do so in the future. You do not have to be currently using your mark in commerce (interstate or international) in order to apply for a trademark. For more details, see the difference between Intent to Use & In Use.

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