+$350 Filling Fees
(For Each Class)


  • Free "exact match" trademark search with no obligation to proceed forward
  • Ownership of your trademark forever, if approved, and if you continue to renew
  • Use of (R) symbol meaning 'registered', if approved

A trademark can be a word, phrase, logo, or slogan that represents your company or something you sell.

Our Process:

1. We'll do an exact match search to see if someone has already applied for the exact same name.

2. Tell us what products and services you plan to sell under the trademark.

3. If you are already selling your product or service using the trademark, provide a photo showing proof of sale. If you haven't sold your product or service yet, you can provide this later.

4. If approved by the US Trademark Office, receive your trademark certificate stating that you own exclusive use of the trademark for those and services applied for.


  • Fixed Fee to File

    The fee to file the trademark application is fixed and includes consultation time with a patent attorney.

  • Submission to Trademark Office

    Your application will be prepared and filed by a trademark attorney and sent to the US Trademark Office for review.

  • Exact Match Search

    We'll check the trademark database to see if anyone already owns the same exact trademark name.

  • Trademark Certificate

    If approved by the US Trademark Office, you'll receive exclusive rights to the trademark and a trademark certificate.

  • Goods & Services List

    We'll submit a list of goods and services that your trademark covers, required for a trademark application.

  • Specimen Submission

    If you are already selling your product or service using the trademark, we'll provide proof to the Trademark Office at time of filing.

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