Design Patent Application Process

Send us sketches or photos of your invention design
Discuss with a patent attorney or agent
We’ll draw your invention as design patent acceptable drawings
Design patent application is filed with the US Patent Office
If approved by the US Patent Office, receive 15 years of design patent rights
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+$204 Gov’t Fee


  • Get “Patent Pending” status for the shape of your invention
  • Up to 7 Professional Patent Drawings
    (Front, back, left, right, top, bottom, and perspective views)
  • Fully prepared patent application. Includes patent drawings, preamble, figure descriptions, and claim)

Technical Drawing & Design Application Samples

Technical Drawing & Design Application Samples


  • Consultation with a Licensed Patent Practitioner

    Ask legal questions and get legal advice about patent applications from a licensed patent practitioner.

  • “Patent Pending” Status

    While you wait for your design patent application to be reviewed by the US Patent Office, you get legal “patent pending” status.

  • Live Team Monday-Friday

    We are here live, Monday-Friday, by email, phone, or chat. Give us a ring, we’ll be happy to chat with you about the patent process or have a patent practitioner answer any legal questions.

  • Design Patent Drawings

    Drawings that meet design patent application requirements, shaded to show your design’s depth and form.

  • Design Patent Specifications

    Design patent writing necessary for a design patent application

  • Government Receipt

    You will receive an official receipt from the US Patent Office confirming acceptance of your patent application and showing your patent application number.

*$204 govt fee assumes you are classified as "micro entity" by USPTO. If you have filed more than 4 non-provisional patent apps in the past, or have an annual income of greater than $212,352, you may be classified as "small entity" or "large entity" which requires a $408 or $1,020 govt fee

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Should I request a patent search?

It's the first step before a patent application! First, you learn how patentable your invention may be. If it's not very patentable, don't waste time and money on a patent app. Second, it may help you increase your patentability. By seeing what is similar, you can improve your invention around other existing invention and increase patentability.


Design vs. Utility Patents

A design patent protects how your invention looks A utility patent protects how your invention works

To protect both how your invention looks and works, you will want to file both design and utility patent applications.

Design Patent Utility Patent
Protects the shape of the invention only.   Protects how the invention works.
Does not stop someone from making the invention if they make it with a different exterior shape.   Can stop someone from making the invention, regardless of the invention's shape.
Cannot explain how the invention works and how it is put together.   Must explain how the invention works and how it is put together.

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