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Design Patent Application Process:

  • 1

    Complete Design Patent Application

  • 2

    Review Drawings and Application Information with Consultants & Engineers

  • 3

    Patent Attorney or Agent files your application with the USPTO



$890 + $190 Gov’t Fee


  • Get “Patent Pending” Status & Protect your designs
  • Up to 7 Professional Technical Drawings (Front, back, left, right, top, bottom, and perspective views)
  • Fully prepared patent application (With up to 7 patent drawings, the preamble, figure descriptions, and claim)

Technical Drawing & Design Application Samples

Speak with a Certified Design Patent Consultant

Understanding Design Patents

A design patent allows you to protect the "ornamental design of a functional item" for 15 years.
In contrast with a utility patent, a design patent does not protect how a product works. If you created a modern-looking chair, you invented that modern look, not the chair itself.


What other services can we help you out with?

*$190 govt fee assumes you are classified as "micro entity" by USPTO. If you have filed 5 or more non-provisional patent apps in the past, or have an annual income of greater than $169,548, you may be classified as "small entity" or "large entity" which requires $380 or $760 govt fee

This specific page is an advertisement for the licensed patent firm, Sinorica LLC also located at 20251 Century Blvd Ste 140, Germantown, MD 20874. Non-provisional design patent applications are prepared and filed by Sinorica LLC. Thoughts to Paper provides advertising, paralegal, and technical support services to Sinorica LLC.