Well Written Provisional Patent Applications

The way a provisional patent application is written is extremely critical to the success of your full non-provisional patent application, should you file one later on.

A provisional patent application allows you to quickly file a "priority date" or in other words, an "invention date". If you decide to file a full, non-provisional patent later on, you can claim your provisional application's priority date so that if your patent is issued, you have patent rights from the date you file your provisional as opposed to the date you file your non-provisional.

However, only what you wrote in your original provisional application that is also in your non-provisional application will enjoy the earlier priority date. Anything that is added to your non-provisional but was not in your provisional will only enjoy the priority date of when you filed your non-provisional application.

This is why it is so important to put as much detail about your invention as you can in a provisional patent application. Our document specialists and licensed patent professionals will review your invention specifications and make recommendations.