Why Trademark?

Legal Nationwide Ownership
A registered trademark will allow you to legally obtain the ownership of your mark as well as exclusive rights to its use nationwide in association with your goods and/or services. This federal registration of your mark allows you to prevent any trademark applications that are similar or may cause a likelihood of confusion. Federal registration of your trademark will protect and grant you ownership of the mark indefinitely, provided you renew the trademark every 10 years.

Use of the ® Symbol
While anyone can use the TM (trademark) and SM (servicemark) symbols to claim rights in a mark without registration from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), only registered trademarks allow the usage of the ® (Registered Trademark) symbol.

National Protection of your mark
Once your trademark is registered, evidence of your ownership will be public national record of which no company may claim ignorance. A registered trademark also allows you to invoke judicial power and bring disputes of your mark to federal court in order to protect your mark and prevent unauthorized usage.

International Benefits
With a registered trademark, you have the right to prevent the import of foreign goods that may infringe upon your mark with a submission of your U.S. trademark registration to U.S. Customs Services. Additionally, you may use your U.S. trademark application or registered trademark to help obtain international registrations. If you are a qualified owner of a pending trademark application with the USPTO, or of a registered trademark with the USPTO, you may apply for registration of your mark in any of the countries participating in the Madrid Protocol by filing a single “international application” through the USPTO. Additionally, certain countries will allow the use of a US Trademark Registration as a basis for filing an application to register a mark in those countries.