What to Include in a Provisional Patent Application

A provisional patent application should include all the important details of your invention. Focus on what makes your invention unique and novel. It is important to have a well-written provisional patent application because the success of a subsequent non-provisional patent application will depend on it. Any content that is not included in the provisional, but is added to the non-provisional, will receive a later filing date. Thoughts to Paper’s provisional patent application service includes professional review before your application is submitted.

Describe your invention

Describe the invention in your own words so that it can be understood by someone with knowledge in the same field. There is no need to include legal terminology or structure the description in any particular way. It is more important to make sure that key components of your invention are clearly and accurately described.

A description of the invention should cover the following areas:

  • What the invention does or accomplishes
  • How the invention works to accomplish its objective
  • The components or steps of the invention
  • How the components are arranged and how they work together

Create a visual of your invention

It is advantageous to include a visual of your invention to be included with the provisional patent application. Visuals for the provisional can be informal and do not need to meet the specific requirements needed for a full patent application. You may submit hand drawings, computer illustrations, photographs, or flow charts and diagrams.