The Advantage of a Licensed Patent Professional

Using the services of a licensed patent professional is extremely advantageous to the success of patent protection. Although there are resources available such as do-it-yourself patenting kits or cheap-24-hour patent services, using these resources are can be different than utilizing the knowledge of a patent professional.

Application Process: A patent application must be drafted according to the strict requirements of the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Throughout the patenting process, certain actions must be taken before certain deadlines. A patent professional has the experience to act accordingly.

Writing Claims: Claims are often regarded as the most critical part of a patent as it defines the scope of an invention. Unfortunately, it is also the most difficult to write. Claims must be organized into a structure while using the correct syntax. Claims that are improperly written could reduce the scope of a patent's protection. Furthermore, there are a few different types of claims such as system claims, method claims, or apparatus claims. Each type of claim is used to protect a different aspect of an invention. Depending on the particular invention and the inventor's objectives, a patent professional may use one or more different types of claims to define the invention.

Office Actions: An office action is a response from the USPTO regarding a patent application. The office action may be a rejection notice stating reasons why a patent should not be granted. The experience of a patent professional allows him or her to appropriately take action and fight for the allowance of your application according to the law. Much like a lawyer knows the best way to argue for you in court, a licensed patent professional knows the best way to argue for your application before the USPTO.

A patent professional can be a licensed patent attorney or licensed patent agent. Both attorney and agent have passed the Patent Bar and can practice patent law. Use the services of a licensed patent professional to ensure your patent application is properly drafted to your specific needs. It takes even the experienced patent professional a fair amount of time to draft a good patent application.

Thoughts to Paper's Non-Provisional Patent Application Services are handled by experienced and licensed patent firms in the US.