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Absolutely fantastic. I am an attorney, and I get the best service from Thoughts To Paper, they are close to the USPTO and have expertise in Provisional Patents and Trademarks and get high quality filings done faster than anyone else can and at a modest price. They did do better work than many patent attorneys who charge $250-$650. per hour and you cannot get them to work fast. They have taken hands sketches and bad photos and turned them into excellent quality drawings and Figures. The last one I did was a difficult machine, it would have cost me $3000. for a Provisional Patent plus costs. ROLLS ROYCE WORKMANSHIP AT CHEVROLET PRICES.

David G.
Hinsdale , IL
I’ve published two patents with retail law firms in the past, [my Invention Consultant] and the team at Thoughts To Paper gives me the same level of service at a fraction of the cost. [My Invention Consultant] and I have much work to complete in the future!

Ralph G.
Arvada , CO
After working with [Thoughts To Paper] I realized that I ended up getting my moneys worth, along with knowledge of patent law. Having experienced what I have now, I would definitely use [Thoughts To Paper] in the future because of there advice and affordable pricing.

Frank D.
Manhasset , NY
Discovering Thoughts to Paper was a breadth of fresh air and a sigh of relief! Being a previous patent holder, with product already in global distribution, I was aware of the anticipated fees and legalities involved in processing my idea into a defendable commercial reality. My thoughts were that my new project was going to be very expensive to register and protect right out of the gate, money that I needed to put into the actual product itself to get it going. After talking with a representative from Thoughts To Paper, I was releived that I could get started for a fraction of the costs I had paid previously and so I was able to "hit the ground running" fully protected and registered with provisional patents in place. I didn't know it could be done so reasonably. It made the difference and gave my project instant credibility with my vendors. Thanks to TTP I have cut my legal development costs in half enabling me to put that cash into the actual product development and marketing. I was able to start up with more confidence, take the product to market faster and generate cash flow quicker than if I had spent thousands in filing fees and paperwork with my previous patent attorney. Their work was very, impressive and I received excellent support from my Agent. The savings in legal fees also enabled me to divert those funds to supplement production and promotional issues involved with the product launch. I am already thinking about the next one! Thanks [to my Invention Consultant] at Thoughts to Paper.

Michael S.
San Clemente , CA
The team was very professional and promptly resonded to our calls and questions.

A G.
Miramar , FL
The level of service I received from Thoughts to Paper greatly exceeded my expectations. Their team filed a utility patent application for my invention and I was impressed by the level of professionalism and quality of the drawings created for my invention. When I wanted to discuss revisions to my invention, my Invention Consultant established a link with my computer so I could see his computer screen and easily point out what I wanted to talk about. The fees were extremely fair compared to going to a traditional patent firm and I had a dedicated person to speak to at all times. I would recommend using Thoughts to Paper.

Jonathon P.
Rural Hall , NC
It is a great website with amazing service.... I was not too sure when I called them, but everything that they promised, they did. I got my provisional patent in the same day. Incredible. Thank you very much for your services. For sure I recommend and will use again.

K D.
White Plains , NY
The process is clear, fast, and efficient. The Thoughts to Paper process is a great way for innovators to protect their ideas

Nigel B
New York , NY
[My Invention Consultant] could have written the book on Customer Service .He is the ultimate professional . I have and will continue to recommend your company . My personal experience has been great and [he] was able to answer all my questions. My thanks to all your staff.

Albert M.
Barrington , RI
I am satisfied with my experience with Thoughts to Paper in filing my provisional patent. I had helpful and available phone support. I have referred Thoughts to Paper to others. Application was filed timely.

Dineen S
Arlington , VT
I have to admit that I had reservations about submitting a patent application over the internet with Thoughts To Paper, but I now have to say that the experience was well worth it. My anxiety was relieved by the professionalism of TTP and the ease of contacting them when questions arose. They were always prompt in responding and cordial in communications. I no longer have any reservations about Thoughts To Paper as a responsible organization to deal with patent issues and would recommend them to anyone considering filing a patent application.

Frank L.
Milwaukee , WI
The experience was extremely fast and painless. My Invention Consultant was very knowledgeable. He was courteous, patient, professional and answered all of my questions as a first time provisional patent filer. The entire transaction was smooth, and transpired exactly as described. Best of all, the time frame from first contact to filed provisional patent was 2-3 days. Lightning fast. Overall, I highly recommend Thoughts to paper.

John C.
Chaska , MN
I was very happy with my patent search and provisional patent application with Thoughts to Paper. I was relieved to have a expert eyes make sure everything was attended to properly, and give advise where things needed to be adjusted. Hopefully, all will go well for the final Patent process, but that will be many months from now.

Lori A.
Los Angeles , CA
The Level Of Service and Comunication Is Top Notch, Especially from [my Invention Consultant], He will answer His Phone almost anytime, Even to Answer a siple Questions! or Help Consult and Guid You throught The whole Process Plus More... The Process It Self Made Real Easy By Those Guys, With their Internet Business Model and/ Platform... Great Company Regards-

Cody M.
Madison Heights , MI
excellent!!! The representative was very friendly and helpful!! She went the extra mile with suggestions, often before I even asked. She was easy to access and return calls and e-mails almost immediately!! It was an wonderful and super easy process!!

Suzanne W.
Auburn , IN
My experience with Thoughts To Paper was completely satisfactory. Not only did I receive the highest quality service available in the industry, but I was also encouraged to continue with my project. I will continue to use this service and recommend it to anyone needing these services. Thank You,

W P.
Marion , SC
The people at Thoughts to paper were professional and honest with me in my first patent application> THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

Richard H
Atwood , KS
My experience was wonderful. My representative seemed informed, caring and genuinely interested in making sure that we took the best option for our purposes.

Terry S
Livingston , NJ
I had spoken to several lawers befor I found thoughts to paper...all atterneys left me still with alot of questions unanswered and made me feel hurried and rushed....[My Invention Consultant] from Thought's to Paper took alot of time and made it all very clear to me befor Thoughts to Paper even recieved a dime from me...as well as Thoughts to paper has been a phone call away and made me feel really cared about....No hidden costs and a website a child could understand...

Jack T.
Mt. Freedom , NJ
I am a seasoned Inventor who finds the service of Thoughts to Paper; straight forward, timely and affordable. I would recommend this service to all thinking Inventors who need to first test the market before the actual committment, this will save you thousands of dollars.

Reese P.
Chicago , IL
Thank you for your fast and thoughtful responses to my questions and concerns. My general and specific questions were answered quickly and accurately. My documents were submitted without delay and the business with the USPTO was concluded successfully.

Richard F.
Camarillo , CA
When I discovered Thoughts to Paper, we had our Provisional Patent, and were just learning the process. The fee structure was helpful for us, being a new company. [Our Invention Consultant], our representative, has been professional, honest, and always courteous. With any question I may have for him to answer, he always takes the time to address my concern, research it and then follow-up with an email as promised. I have had a wonderful experience from the first day I encountered Thoughts to Paper. Thank-you!

Lynette S.
Huntington Beach , CA
Thoughts to Paper made filing my Provisional Patent application far simpler than I expected. The process was fast, professional, and a great value for the money. The final product read like a document I would have paid many times more to have produced elsewhere. My case worker was always there to talk to me, and was a great pleasure to work with. I will be coming back to Thoughts to Paper for my final Utility Patent and probably Trademark filing as well.

Daniel P.
Cambridge , MD
Thoughts To Paper are an excellent team of professionals that work hard to bring your vision to life. With their help, my invention has become a reality. I would recommend anyone who wants great professional services.

D B.
Springfield , MA
When I called Thoughts to Paper, [my Invention Consultant] clearly answered my questions. I felt assured that this company would not steal my idea. After I submitted my paper and started the process, some time passed and I had not heard from [my Invention Consultant]. I began to feel nervous and think maybe the company was really trying to steal my idea! I called to check up on [my Invention Consultant] and he explained the delay. He noted that the research team was double checking another avenue and was just being thorough about their job. The process is over now; my idea is patent pending. The team at Thoughts to Paper handled my case with care. It doesn’t appear that they take short cuts. In fact, it looks like check their work, then check it again. I am well pleased with my experience and outcome of working with Thoughts to Paper.

Haydn L.
Indian Trail , NC
Very helpful and knowledgable! Experience was great! Paperwork was sent very quickly!

S. D
Hewlett , NY
Quite Satisfied. On a scale of 1 to 10-at least a 9

George H
Garland , TX
Excellent, [my Invention Consultant] is great! It would be nice if companies would come to you for new ideas like mine. Or you could invite them to look at the new patents. I never did get the toy companies to bite. Oh, well.

Kathy W
Cincinnati , OH
Good experience with filing application.Form of presentation was clearly stated and time frame met.

Gerald Grott
Phoenix , AZ
Overall I have had a great experience with Thoughts to Paper. [My Invention Consultant] was really helpful and professional. When I could not get a hold of him, I always felt he would be available soon to answer any questions. I would recommend Thoughts to Paper to any friends or family. Thanks again.

Edgar C.
Austin , TX
[My Invention Consultant] did an excellent job. Thoughts to Paper filed my application in January; I would like an update, but then again, it may take some time before you get an answer from the Feds. Great experience so far, thank you.

Lori P.
Rancho Palos Verdes , CA
I had a great experience working with Thoughts To Paper. The account rep I worked with was fast to respond and gave me a clear indication of the next steps. The advice I received was spot on! Thanks!

Dan Hopkins
West Linn , OR
I am very pleased with the expediency, efficiency, and communication involved in the process of obtaining my provisional patent.

Michael G
East Berlin , PA
i was very satisfied with everything start to finish with my agent and everything will do my next 4 patent with you all.

Donte P
Snellville , GA
I applied for and got a patent pending in a very timely manner.the thoughts to paper Invention Consultant was very helpfull and professional in his presentation of my MCG--MAGNETIC COLLAR DEACTIVATOR to the patent office. I will be applying for the full pantent in october of this year with a thoughts to paper Invention Consultant. thanks alot.

Melvin M.
Williamston , NC
After researching various online options, Thoughts To Paper was our unanimous choice for our patent application. The process was easy and the advice and direction we received from [our Invention Consultant] made the process fun and easy!

David S.
Dallas , TX
The people I dealt with were very professional and a big help.

Bill C
Eddyville , KY
I had been new to this overall invention thing and being a healthcare practitioner was really trusting people in my close circle to refer me to the proper patent attorneys for my well thought out invention I had put my heart and soul into for about 10 years. Well, little did know and had to come to learn the hard way that not "all" referrals can not be trusted. I ended up paying out thousands and thousands of dollars with in the end my patent application was abanadoned after waiting 6 years for it to be reviewed by the examiner! You can only imagine my shock when I found out. What this meant was that my invention that was now on the market selling was "not" protected! I also was told in order to revive it I would need to begin all over again? Another shock to my system!! To save the day was "Thoughts To Paper"! Not only did they help me sort through the mess that had been created by previous patent attornies who neglected to handle my patent application correctly they made my overall experience stress free and mapped out doable options for my invention protection future and most of all, they are VERY affordable and fit right into my company's budget!! I would say that with out using Thoughts To Paper I would have lost it mentally and my invention! So thank you Thoughts To Paper!! Your the Best!!!

V D.
Santa Barbara , CA
Very helpful answered all my questions. I will be using your service again.

Paul L
Tracy , CA
Great service, very professional, fast and inexpensive.

B. C
Raleigh , NC
Very professional and prompt. I had a very good experience. I will use it again.

Steve Broeker
Sunnyvale , CA
The experience we had was professional and easy Thank you for all the help

Michael P
Valrico , FL
i feel that thoughts to paper helped me A LOT with guidance on how to assess this whole patent thing. at first i was skeptic but after my experience with thoughts to paper i am very happy that i chose them to help me along with my patent. everything went smooth and i am very satisfied. thanks thoughts to paper!

Matthew K.
Albany , OR
I am very satisfied with my experience with Thoughts To Paper; I would say they have been responsive, professional, and an overall good value proposition.

David W
San Francisco , CA
very prompt

Nzagi N
Hilliside , NJ
I had a very valuable experiece with Thoughts to Paper. They made the provisional patent application process very easy and fun. I appreciate everything they did for me.

John P
Virginia Beach , VA
It was great fast and easy.

Donavon W
Summerville , GA
Our experience with Thoughts to Paper has been outstanding. [Our Invention Consultant] has given us professional guidance with a personal touch. He made us feel confident when we were discussing which company we were going to use to write our Provisional Patent.Thoughts to Paper will be our company of choice when we file for our Utility Patent. Thanks for all the help, Marshall C.

Marshall C.
Pine Bush , NY
Thoughts To Paper is a wonderful tool for small business owners who are looking to add new products to their current line. We have been very pleased with the knowledge and friendliness of the staff, and we will definitely be doing business with them again in the future.

Timothy W.
Mount Washington , KY
Very concise, good followup, I will use your services again.

Beth A
Eighty Four , PA
This was a good experiance. I am glad I discovered thoughts to paper

Sam T
Fruita , CO
they were very helpful and thorough, i recieved my provisional patent in less than a week, thanks

Gary R
Mariposa , CA
I was absolutely satisfied with my experience with Thoughts to Paper. I felt that the response time was good when I asked a question, and I felt that the process was thorough and complete. Further, the 3D prototype files I had created were fantastic, and brought my invention to life. I will be a returning customer - guaranteed!

Deirdre R.
Reading , MA
I have not concluded the process yet as i have yet to gather all the information, however thoughts to paper was very informative on what was needed in order to be successful

Elizabeth A
Clearwater , FL
I like the way you sent me all the patents that are familiar with my idea. I haven't re-submitted a revised idea how I want to submit, but you gave me the information to make the changes needed.

John G
San Bernardino , CA
You all have been very helpful with me as far as any questions I may have or assistance I need.

Al W.
Opelika , AL
Working with [my Invention Consultant] was a fantastic and amazing experience that i will never forget. Thoughts to paper has made the pursue to my dreams a whole lot easier and i will allways use and refer them to every one that ill encounter for their patents.

Joshua C.
Columbia , MD
After much research on how to proceed with my patent application I chose Thoughts to Paper to handle the process. I am glad I did for a number of reasons. Here are a few. My [Invention Consultant] was exceptional. He explained the whole process 1 step at a time and answered all of my many questions with great patience. [My Invention Consultant] was great and I know he went the extra mile to make sure everything was in order before filingfor my provisional patent. Thoughts to Paper will no doubt be my choice to proceed with my Utility Patent as well as Design Patent. I am greatly satisfied with everything Thoughts to Paper has done for me and would certainly recommend thier services to anyone. Thanks again for all the help.

Johnny W.
Seffner , FL
[My Invention Consultant] was fast efficent and detail oriented she helped us with the paper work in 10 minutes we got our provisional patent number. Great experience Thank you

Dov S
Greenbae , CA
In March of 2007, I used a national company that provides legal forms to help me with a provisional patent. This company made me feel like a product on an assemble line, and needless to say, their services left me extremely dissatisfied as I felt left out of the loop. Then, in Sept. of 2009, I had [my Invention Consultant at] Thoughts To Paper assist me with a different idea for a provisional patent. Their patent search was extremely informative and very well done. Unlike the “legal company,” Thoughts To Paper answered all of my questions and did an outstanding job in assisting me. They were extremely professional and always available, and I plan on using them again this month for a new idea.. Thank you [to my Invention Consultant] and Thoughts To Paper!!!

Andrew H.
Medina , TX
TTP made the patenting process very easy.

T. S
Rumford , RI
I had an excellent experience with your company. [My Invention Consultant] was supportive and very helpful from start to finish. This was my first experience with obtaining a patent and your company was very informative and professional making sure that I understood all of my options. Thank you all for your assistance with my invention.

Nestor T.
West Palm Beach , FL
I am very pleased with my experience with thought to paper.they kept me informed or called to let me know what was going on. thanks

Ernest S
Marshall , NC
it's a very good experience. the response was fast, and questions got answered very quickly.

C. G
Belle Mead , NJ
Thoughts to Paper has done a tremendous job. [My Invention Consultant] has kept us informed every step of the way and has been available to answer any question that we might have. I could not imagine handling this without their expert assistance.

Stacey T.
Dallas , GA
I had a great experience. The process was clear and simple. My Invention Consultant was so helpful. He clearly and thoroughly explained everything I asked and more. I am very pleased with everything and excited to have protection over my designs to have them produced securely. I will come back to this service when I am ready to file a full patent. Thank you!

Dana D.
Leonia , NJ
My Invention Consultant at Thoughts to Paper responded to all of my inquiries in an extremely timely fashion. They made the Provisional Patent process very simple - I would not hesitate to recommend them. It was well worth the investment to protect my intellectual property.

J F.
Lakewood , OH
i was very satisfied with thoughts to paper. my representative was always available to answer any questions that i had. they were very prompt with getting me to patent pending thanks

Jennifer G
Royal Palm Beach , FL
It was just great, very professional and lightening fast working with Thoughts to Paper. The experience was personal attention and great attention to detail. I certainly had not thought it would be worked upon so fast. My feedbacks were incorporated easily. Thank you [to my Invention Consultant].

Jayant S.
Milpitas , CA

Vince T.
Pembroke Pines , FL
Their arent words to describe the trust,satisfaction and privlage it is to work with...all the staff of thoughts to paper. Every project is an amazing experience and well beyond every expectation that i as a consumer can have as far as the deligence of thoughts to paper. thnak you so much.

Joshua C.
North Bergen , NJ
I have had a wonderful experience with TTP. [My Invention Consultant] has been very attentive and efficient. I would recommend this service to everyone that needs a patent attorney. I have nothing but good things to say.

R. E
North Bergen , NJ
So far so good! I have been pleased by TTP's ability to respond to changes and questions throughout this process of filing a smart utility patent. Ask me for feedback after the process has completed since the proof is in the pudding-what kind of pudding I have no idea but I know it is in there.

B C.
Whitewright , TX
I had a great experience with Thoughts to Paper, I felt like things were explained clearly to me. I would definitely use Thoughts to Paper service again.

Teenella Bunema
Barlett , TN
My experience with Thoughts to Paper has been incredible. Our Invention Consultant...has been extremely helpful. Going into this we had no idea of what to expect...the process, duration, terminology, etc....[our Invention Consultant] has walked us through every step and has been a wonderful partner.

Dave T.
Highlands Ranch , CO
we had a very rewarding experience with thoughts to paper they were very professional. the team at thoughts to paper were so helpful with our first invention. because of the experience in the business and their professionalism they let us know that our idea was a good one. their prices are very affordable. a special thanks to [our Invention Consultant] who helped us through the process and answered all our questions. looking forward to working with the team again.

Connie & T.
Dayton , OH
Since I had never applied for a Patent before I was very nervous. I thought that if I were to hand over my information and someone thought it was a good idea, I would lose it to them. I sent an email to your company and within a couple hours received a response from...one of your Invention Consultants. Given the quick responses and the professionalism within them I felt comfortable moving forward. The communication was excellent and if the need does arise in the future I will use and recommend Thoughts to Paper. I thank [my Invention Consultant] and your company for the assistance that I received. Andy Isgrigg

Paul A.
Tracy , CA
The wonderful experience I have had with Thoughts To Paper is way more than I could ever ask for. [My Invention Consultant] who helped me with the filing was extremely patient and understanding. It was my first filing and there were many things I didn't even know how to start to ask. [My Invention Consultant] helped me tremendously in sorting the issues out and advised me accordingly. The way I see this company practices its business is what's lost in our American culture today. Their pricing is extremely competitive and the service is just a dream come true for the first time inventors like myself, and for the many seasoned investors I am sure as well. I feel very fortunate to find [Thoughts to Paper] to work with in such a great company. I look forward to continue working with them along the way with the starting of my company.

Arthur H.
Diamond Bar , CA
To whom it may concern ! MY, Paul Klaus, Experience with Toughts to Paper has been nothing but outstanding and has given me back my believe in People & Companies that are honest and straight forward, plus [My Invention Consultant] has been an absolute 'Angel' to help and guide me trough some self inflicted frustration, that at times was nothing but plain stupidity on my end, and my slow and limited understanding, between what I wanted and what had to been done to archieve the wanted result. Your Company and employees are simply put Outstanding and STERLING in every aspect. Paul Klaus

Paul K.
Modesto , CA
Very Smooth and efficient experience. Plan to use again in the future.

Kurt C
Butler , IN
Ok, I started this process on a Friday at 4:30p.m., my case worker said to send her all of my information over the weekend(in which I did.) It's now Tuesday at 1:14p.m. and I received my "Patent Pending" number over an hour ago.... Wow!! Now that's fast. She made the whole process extremely easy. They reviewed all of my information and put it in order and got the job done! Thanks Guys and Gals! Charles President IPJ

Charles P.
Newport News , VA
This is by far the best website that I found online to get a provisional patent application filed. It was fairly priced and the process was easy but the best part was that I was assigned a Invention Consultant who was there to answer any and all questions that I had about the whole process. Thank you very much.

Jose V.
Banning , CA
We worked with Thoughts to Paper for filing a provisional patent and were impressed by the quick turn around time that was provided to us. [Our Invention Consultant] clearly explained to us the process and later we did not have any issues later on.

S P.
Santa Clara , CA
I would use their service again, they did everything perfect

Robert Wills
Archbald , PA
Excellently and professionaly handled by [my Invention Consultant]. The oveall service was performed quickly, with obvious knowledge of issues and attention to detail. I will recommend Thought to Paper to people requiring patent-related services and will use it again, myself. MA

M A.
Upper Saddle River , NJ
I don't think I could be more impressed with Thoughts To Paper. Very professional from start to finish. The website is very easy to use. The cost to handle the whole patent process is the least expensive on the web that I could find. However, you still get A-1 service, supurb document preparation, excellent communication, and timely submission of your application. My sales representative ... handled my application like I was his only customer. He's very thorough and an excellent communicator. You'll be happy with the attention to detail he provides and his professional demeanor. One last thing, they got my patent data completed and submitted in what I felt was record time. Really exceptional work by everyone associated with my application. I highly recommend Thoughts to Paper, Five Stars.

Steven H.
Auburn , CA
I must say that Thoughts to Paper did not disappoint, one of my greatest concerns was are the services going to be as professional as advertised and can I trust the firm's credibility etc. I wanted to know if my Invention Consultant would be available to answer my questions and concerns if I needed to speak with him. I was encouraged after I experience my Invention Consultant keeping his commitment to me as a customer, providing me with the necessary documents and information needed to complete my patent application, the firm's advertisment to provide quality services to their customer's is creditable. Keep up the great work Thoughts to Paper.

B H.
Culver City , CA
I want to thank the thaughts to paper staff for helping out with my provisionary patent. My experience with this company has been wonderfull. I checked out several other companys,some of them seemed to be good companys but as I listen to thier pitch and ask questions it became obvious that they weren't there to serve my needs but instead were ther to serve them selves to other peoples ideas. Thaughts to paper were different.They listen to my questions and answered them in away that i could understand. This company did everything they said they would, there were no hidden fees or unwanted suprises. They stayed in constant contact with me keeping me informed of thier progress. Thaughts to paper is one of those companies you look forward to dealing with. You know that they have you best intrest in mind. I will be using thier sevices again when I apply for my full patent.

Glen F.
St. Charles , MO
We are very pleased with the Thoughts To Paper Company's excellent work in providing us what we want. We strongly recommend others to join this company to protect his or her inventions meticulously.

T. H
Eastpointe , MI
I thought this experience was very informative, swift and right to the point, and i was treated professionally, thank you

James K
Fremont , NH
Thoughts and Paper is a great business model because: 1. they save a lot of cost to the customer because of outsourcing the non-laywer work to lower payed professional. 2. they have an excellent customer service, who knows what they are doing 3. they do PICK UP the phone and DO NOT KEEP ON HOLD 4. they deliver high quality service for lower-than industry prices 5. they do not try to pursuade the customer to buy the products they suggest, but they listen to the customer and try to accomodate the customer needs 6. the service is delivered very quickly wich makes customer feel secure 7. they know that the customer is not a professional and explain the patent subject matter in simple words 8. they keep their promisses.

Maia D.
Chicago , IL
You service exceeded my expectations. I'm very satisfied and excited about our patent/process. Tks.for everything! Warren Stobbe

W. S
Parker , CO
My Invention Consultant was very helpful and gave excellent support and guidance throughout the process.

Aakash Banerjee
Long Island City , NY
Professional service, attentive case-manager...

David B
Livingston , MT
I thought [my Invention Consultant] was accomodative and diligent in helping me get through the process for a patent-pending

T. L
Maple Grove , MN
I am happy to say that my experience with Thoughts to Paper was very easily handled by my case worker. He was very helpfull and we got my provisional patent put together swiftly and without a hitch, basically we were done and filed in 24hrs. Everybodys experience may not be quite as easy, but alot depends on the ability of the inventor to convey their ideas in the proper manner. There is always eager help available, and the process is easier than I could have imagined. Thank you Thought to Paper for a job well done!

Craig F.
Helena , MT
Exceptionally pleased. [My Invention Consultant] did an exceptional job with guiding me to the proper direction to filing for a patent at an affordable price. A+ service, will definately use again, and refer to all i know. Once again thank you very much!

Timothy G.
Hatley , WI
When I first heard about provisional patents I did my research and found thoughts to paper was by far the fairest and most affordable companies out there. I have since then received a provisional patent, trademark, and filed a utility patent through thoughts to paper. Their services to me have been excellent! Their professionalism and knowledge has been crucial in pursuing my dream. I look forward to working with them more in the future, and highly recommend them!

O L.
Arlington , TX
Thoughts to Paper holds your hand through the complicate patent submission process for every step!! It's amazing. I don't know how we could have done it without thoughts to paper.

Timothy B
Orlando , FL
Exceptionally prompt and business-like service.As CEO and tech exec for last 30 years I have many patents and have used top patent firms in New England (and have paid accordingly). Even for routine filings, cost has been substantial. Now, as a quasi-retired, but still very busy consultant, I need to observe my costs more closely. I see the service provided by Thoughts To Paper as long overdue, without my having to subsidize the high overhead costs and partner bonuses of downtown law firms for semi-routine matters. Whoever owns or is behind your company really "get's it".

E R.
Wakefield , MA
Very positive. Staff was very supportive, very responsive, and very helpful. Would absolutely use this company again for future work

A. D
Orlando , FL
[My Invention Consultant] made this experience as easy and understandable as possible. In addition, the process was reasonably priced and incredibly fast. Thank you so much.

Judith W
Slatersville , RI
Professional, expedient and straight forward attitude and overall service. Will use this office for more future applications and will recommend it without any hesitation.

Mike A
Ontario , Canada
Remarkable attention and service throughout the three Patten's I have done with [Thoughts to Paper] office. Great fast service for one supper low price, if I compare to my first patent made through an attorney office with cost over $4,000.00 for exactly the same service. Thank you very much. Tito Vitorino

Tito V.
Sarasota , FL
Very satisfied with the work that was put into the job, thank you, Mr Ronald Treacy.

Ronald T
Haines City , FL
The people at thoughts to paper are wonderful. They are an extremely inexpensive alternative to attorneys and they get the job done in a matter of days. Not only were they efficient but they were patient with our naivety and very informative. They helped us every part of the way

Brandon R.
San Diego , CA
I had a great experience! My [Invention Consultant] was very helpful and informative. Thank you!

Michele W
Hialeah , FL
My case worker at thoughts to paper was qick and prompt to all corrispondane and quickly helped me obtain a provisional patent. He was a great help in helping me work through revisions that were required, and anwsered all of my questions.

Tom S.
Olympia , WA
The experience from start to finish was an enjoyable one. [The] team made the process of protecting our idea easy to understand, affordable and I would highly recommend [Thoughts To Paper] to anyone who is in need of Trademark and Patent protection.

T C.
Freehold , NJ
The great team of professionals at [Thoughts to Paper] made the patent process easy. Their sense of urgency for my invention really showed me that they care and want to be a part of my team. They took time to answer all my questions and made sure I knew all the options available to protect my intellectual property. The value rendered far outweighs the cost of their great service.

O V.
Lynwood , CA
I am fully satisfied with the effort put forth [Thoughts to Paper]. [My Invention Consultant] was great at explaining to a "layman" the concepts of the patent and patenting process... also noticed an extreme amount of effort being put forth by the team. I will be a returning customer - if I ever have need for another patent.

Ivan P.
Salem , OR
I was extremely happy with how the team did on our patent application and the amount of work that was put into a very tedious app. I'm sure a lot of extra time was put into it and we were not charged any more for that. [My Invention Consultant] was extremely helpful all the way through the process. She was right on and she always had an answer for me that was clear and concise. We put our application in for a fraction of the cost our other lawyer quoted us. Thank you guys.

Jason L.
Salem , OR
I perceived your service as helpful and efficient. Thanks I will continue using your company.

Ignacio O
Hernando , FL
[Thoughts to Paper] had helped me to bring my invention out. With the prompt contact and explanation clearly, I can understand the procedure and the way my invention will be through. Next time, when I like to bring out other inventions, I will prefer [Thoughts to Paper] again. Thank to my case manager and his team.

Anh V.
Garland , TX
My dealings with [Thoughts to Paper] were simple, cost effective and so much nicer than having to talk face to face, over the desk, with an irritating attorney. A very good experience.

Hollis F
Tucson , AZ
You are a fully seasoned professional who really understands 21st century innovative needs, especially the human interaction aspect, which is the backbone of any corporate entity. Your professionalism and professional services are of great value, not only in the United States, but in the whole world at large. I recommend your services to every forward looking inventor that has a drive for gaining a competitive edge in today’s business environment.

S N.
Phoenix , AZ
The first time I used [Thoughts To Paper] it was a wonderful experience. It saved me a lot of time and money else where would of charge me $250-$500 for a Provisional Patent with no drawings. My first Provisional Patents turn out great with much details about my invention and quality drawings.There were no hidden fees or unwanted surprise.Today I just got my second Provisional Patents filed.Im very happy with there service.I would be using [Thoughts To Paper] in the future.

Youa Y.
Troy , NC
My interaction with [Thoughts to Paper] was quite positive. [My invention consultant] was patient and, above all, courteous. The technical field was unfamiliar but he grasped the essential ideas quickly. I plan to use their services again.

Russell B.
Lynchburg , VA
Very helpful, polite and professional right from the first phone call all the way through the process. Their services are as described on their web site, no additional fees, variations, or extras. I will be calling them again very soon and look forward to it.

Baron R.
Fort Lauderdale , FL
[Thoughts to Paper] works like a good partner, who makes the tedious patent filing process a little more enjoyable.

Weiyong Li
Doylestown , PA
[My invention consultant], I was very much satisfied to deal with you after speaking to another patent group in Baltimore. You put forth an honest program and were very clear about how I could proceed with my application for the patent. When and if I have need again I will call you,thank you again.

Burtis T.
Cambridge , MD
[My invention consultant] was very quick to respond at all times and very helpful. Thank you!

A. W
Santa Cruz , CA
Fantastic. [My invention consultant] offered me consultation on numerous occassion, and I am entirely happy with the outcome. I could not imagine what this would have cost me locally.

Christopher Balser
Minneapolis , MN
Filing the Patent for my project was smooth and in a timely manner thanks to the professionalism of [Thoughts to Paper].

Robert S
Rio Rico , AZ
I am totally satisfied with the [Thoughts to Paper] performance. The job you've done is very, very profesional. Thank you again for your very good job.

A. W
Dacula , GA
I spent several days talking back and forth with the U.S. Patent Office trying to figure out how to get my provisional patent filed. I was very confused and frustrated. Finally I typed in "How to file a provisional patent on line and [Thoughts to Paper] came up. I called and talked to [My invention consultant] and she made the whole experience so easy and quick! I can't say enough nice things about the way [My invention consultant] took care of my application. She was pleasant, polite, totally professional and made me feel like I was her only customer! Bravo [My invention consultant], and Bravo Thoughts to Paper! I will reccommend your service to all of my colleagues. Very best wishes for continued success, Michael A. Lomax, owner LOMAX CLASSIC MOUTHPIECES

Michael L.
Springfield , MN
I've used [Thoughts To Paper] three times already! I must say they exceeded my expectations, and where very professional. [My case manager] was very helpful all the way through. I feel there the best service to use for patents, and trademarks. I couldn't be more happier and will definitely use them in the future if I need more work done.

DeAnna B.
Springfield , MA
Very professional service made me feel safe disclosing information because of no complaints through the better business bureau would suggest using this company to any nervous inventer thanks for the help you'll here from me on the next one soon.

James B.
Berkshire , NY
I had a good experience with [Thoughts to Paper]. It was very easy and straight forward. [My invention consultant] did all the work and kept me posted along the way. Now hopefully my idea takes off.

Aleksander V
Spring Glen , NY
An absolute pleasure to work with! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for help in filing their patents. Easy to engage, affordable and professional from word go. Keep up the good work.

Stephen C
Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec , Canada
[My invention consultant] was very professional and made the process run smoothly. I would be please to work with her again in pursuing my next patent. Thank you. -Dave Andes

Benjamin A
Lees Summit , MO
The process and performance of your company made things alot easier to understand. Thank you so much for your support and guidance as we move forward with our business. It is a pleasaure working with you. All the best to you and your company. You have made our experience a positive one! Best regards, Tennis and Rebecca Hatfield

Rebecca H.
Orange City , FL
This was a diffacult process that was made easy by the professionals at [Thoughts to Paper] who stood with me every step of the way. I will not hesatate to use [Thoughts to Paper] in the future, and would recomend [Thoughts to Paper] to anyone who is in the patent process and on a budget. [Thoughts to Paper] did what they said they would, when they said they would, and for what they said they would do it for...What more can be said of a company except for to thank [Thoughts to Paper], and [my invention consultant] for a job well done.

Jay S.
South Jordan , UT
[Thoughts To Paper] made the job of getting my ideas to the patent office very easy. They explained everything step by step and answered every question in a timely mannor. Also the cost of doing business with [Thoughts to Paper] was a true bargan. I saved over seventy percent of what had been quoted by other patent law firms. Thanks for your help...

Mark T.
Greenville , MS
[My invention consultant] was really fantastic. She was helpful, totally professional and really knew her stuff! She deserves a raise! This was all so exciting as we had never had an actual US PATENT PENDING before, and I am afraid I goofed up the first round of paperwork and failed to put my partner's name. [My invention consultant] got it fixed without a snag, and so we are ready to go out and CHANGE THE WORLD with our new TeleCom technology! Thank you [my invention consultant]! And thank you [THOUGHTS TO PAPER]! WE LITERALLY COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!

Sean M.
Hermosa Beach , CA
[Thoughts to Paper] allowed us to get "Patent Pending" status on a new invention in a matter of days not weeks. By leveraging digital signing technologies, we were able to file the patent application while on vacation, without needing to physically sign anything. I didn't know this was possible, but now that I do, I will definitely use this service in the future!

A L.
San Jose , CA
I think it has been a very good. [My invention consultant] has been very helpful. I never thought that the process could go so smoothly. I will send my next invention to [Thoughts To Paper].

J. B
Belton , TX
My experience with [Thoughts to Paper] was a very positive one and I plain to use them for the rest of my patent needs. [My case manager] was very professional. He answered all my E-mails in a timely manner and he made me feel comfortable with the process. Good job ! Sincerely Tim Deland .

Tim D.
Minocqua , WI
I am extremely satisfied with [Thoughts to Paper], [my invention consultant] was beyond helpful and replied back immediately and responded as many times as I had questions as this is all new to me. I will definitely recommend you as well as I plan on using you guys, via [my invention consultant], down the road with more of my business.

D M.
Long Beach , NY
I would first like to say...Thank you for proving my impatience wrong.you were very professional and i will be using your services again and i will also recommend others to you....Thank so much.

D. M
Fayetteville , GA
I had four provisionals filed through another service and 10 days to get my non-provisional utility filing in to keep the first provisional date. What I liked about [Thoughts To Paper] was: very clear website, very timely responses and attentive service, and they worked with me around needed updates and edits, etc. on a relatively complicated application to get the filing in under the wire. A great job, and likely to work with them again.

J S.
Oakton , VA
Just super. [My invention consultant] was right on target with submitting my provisional patent. When its time for the Utility Patent, you can count on who I'm calling. Thanks Phil

Phillip Kittle
Albany , OH
Great experience! Thoughts to paper was quick, communicative and inexpensive. Looking forward to working with you!

David C
Chelmsford , MA
I must say contacting [Thoughts To Paper] to take care of my Patent was really incredibly easy not to mention fast. I hesitated for quite some time on getting a provisional patent done and once I contacted them it was taken care of so quickly and easily for me. Within days I had everything completed with their hard work and effort. I can only say now that others should not procrastinate as long as I did. [Thoughts To Paper] got it done right away and now I can rest assured knowing my "invention" is safe. Thanks to [my invention consultant] for all your help. Much appreciated.

Lisa L.
Ottsville , PA
I was very happy with your service. A+

J. P
Sacramento , CA
Every time I needed help I got it. Every time I asked a question it was answered. Overall I greatly appreciate [Thoughts to Paper] for the way they handled my patent.

Scott M
Three Forks , MT
Dear [my case manager], my experience with [Thoughts to Paper] was a new experience for me. You and your team made me feel comfortable and I liked the fact that you were there for me and guided me step by step. Also the up front and honest attitude when I would have questions about the patent information and about my invention. My questions were immediately answered. I have learned so much about patents from the many questions I had and you were right there to answer them professionally. I also like to thank [my engineer] working with me and answering any questions I had. I would recommend [Thoughts to Paper] to anyone who wants help with their invention and patents. I feel the team was very knowledgable in their field and above all they were very respectful,honest and had alot of patience. Thank you and [my engineer] again for your help and giving me the confidence I needed to go ahead with my invention. Terry

Terry G.
Osh Kosh , WI
The [Thoughts to Paper] team is very helpful and working diligently to finish my patent paper. Thanks greatly for the help.

Lawson D
Cupertino , CA
We have been working with [Thoughts to Paper] now for 6 months and have found their service to be prompt, professional, and reasonably priced.

J. McCain
Katy , TX
Very knowledgable and professional. Easy to work with.

Timothy Cook
Greensboro , NC
It has being wonderful! I am recommending this business to all my entrepreneur friends. Thank you!

Patricia M
New York , NY
I want to give great thanks my invention consultant for the high grade of professionalism and great concern about my invention. This was my first invention to get patent. Yes, I will confide and use them again in my future inventions. They were very honest and helpful from the beginning until the end. In addition there weren't any unexpected fees and there quoted fees always remained the same price as the told me from the beginning. My sincere gratitudes to [Thoughts To Paper].

T U.
Van Nuys , CA
I was very pleased and would use them again.

Albert Brooks
Heartland , TX
Very professional and effective. Thank you very much. I will use your services for my next patent

Walid T
Sin El Fil, JL , Lebanon
It was a good experience

Zaccheus M
Collindale , PA
[My invention consultant] came across as sincere and trustworthy. Your company must not have made any money on my project, but if things progress the way i hope, I would like to hire [my invention consultant] to help negotiate contracts ect.I am very greatfull that I now have protection for my Idea and an oficial patent ap. number.

Rick C.
Jamesville , NY
All of my discussion with [Thoughts To Paper] has been with [my case manager]. [My case manager] has clear knowledge of all the angles, and he guides me - and I'm sure any other layman - to correct path.

Peter H
Surfside , FL
[Thoughts To Paper] was wonderful to work with! I had spent several months searching for help with an idea I wanted to create and patent so of course I started contacting all the invention help places and began to get constant phone calls from them. I found out later on that they can scam you and at the least charge you lots of money for there services with no guarantees. I even called my attorney to have him recommend someone and when I contacted the person the cost was more than I could bare. I finally came across [Thoughts To Paper] and wasn't sure if I wanted to work with a firm out of state, how would I communicate all my ideas without speaking to someone in person so I called and discussed my idea and my concerns with my now adviser. ([My invention consutlant]) I felt very comfortable speaking with her and she answered all my questions and most importantly I felt no pressure from her at all. I decided to use [Thoughts To Paper] and everything went smoothly, I worked at my own passe and every time I hit a road block [Thoughts To Paper] helped me figure it out. I even had [Thoughts To Paper] create B&W drawings of my idea, the first set of drawings were nothing like what I wanted so after discussing it with my adviser they made the changes and the drawings came out fine. It took 3 tries but when the drawings were finished I was very happy with the result. Again no pressure and a total understanding of what I wanted. From there they prepared the documents to submit to the patent office and I was able to make changes to the document before submitting them. Bottom line [Thoughts To Paper] was great from start to finish, I will use them when it comes time to submit for my utility patent. There charges are more than reasonable and there service was wonderful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend [Thoughts To Paper] to anyone who has an idea that they are thinking about trying to patent!!!!

Richard G.
Surprise , AZ
We have been very pleased with the professionalism and efficiency of [Thoughts To Paper]. The process from beginning to end is extremely intuitive, leaving little room for misunderstandings. Considering these benefits, it is remarkable how affordable their fees are.

Donald H.
Reading , PA
My experience with [Thoughts To Paper] was EXCELLENT!!! I thought that the process would take weeks, but that was not the case. The staff was efficient, polite, and well versed in the patent process. Thank you [My invention consultant] for making it happen. I have a provisional patent, faster and cheaper than I thought possible.

Robert G.
Huntington Beach , CA

Patricia M
New York , NY
This was a wonderful experience and my case mangaer was very helpful through out the whole process. The service was the quickest I have ever experienced, I have a patent in my hand after two weeks of filing. They are really people who care about their work and clients. I look foward to doing business with [Thoughts To Paper] again soon.

Anthony A.
Milford , CT
[My invention consultant] was very professional, very efficient and the entire process was completed quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Peter B
Holmdel , NJ
I could'nt have been more pleased with [Thoughts To Paper]. [My invention consultant], a representative from [Thoughts To Paper], has supported my patent order from start to finish. Anytime I needed him, he was there for me. The professional looking drawings for my patent design made it appealing & life like. I would recommend [Thoughts To Paper] to my friends, and anyone who needs experienced, well informed, and a trustworthy company.[My invention consultant] is the man!

Emanuele S.
Garfield , NJ
I really appreciated all the help and advice I received. It has been a very pleasant and successful experience.

P. S
Los Gatos , CA
The work on the entire patent process was done in a courteous and professional manner

Leonard K
Englewood , NJ
I am very pleased with [Thoughts To Paper]. [My invention consultant] was very thorough, imformative and professional. [My invention consultant] answered all my questions by phone and e-mails in a timely manner. I would recomend there services in the future. Thank you, [Thoughs To Paper] and [my invention consultant] very much. Britt Schroeder

Britt S.
Sulpher , OK
I have enjoyed working with [Thoughts To Paper] with my design for my product. They have been a great help in making something that I value very much my own. Thank you [Thoughts To Paper].

Marche Goldwire
Byron , GA
I was very pleased with the thoroughness, professionalism and response of [Thoughts To Paper]. I already have obtained more than 90 patents, and I consider [Thoughts To Paper] as top notch.

A. Chitayat
Fort Salonga , NY
[Thoughts To Paper] made the process very easy for me. They did all of the leg work and I just provided them with the information that was requested of me. I would recommend any and everyone to [Thougts To Paper] because they far exceeded my expectations.

Mona M.
College Park , MD
My experience was completely positive, I appreciated the thoughtful and quick response on all questions. I have already recommended [my invention consultant] to a friend of mine who would like to patent her idea. thank you to [my invention consultant]

James F.
Oviedo , FL
My experience with [Thoughts To Paper] was satisfying! I'm truly a person that worries about internet fraud. Like any consumer, I had my doubts at first, but eventually they were minimized when [my invention consultant] answered all my questions and was upfront and honest about the entire filing process. My best advice I can give to anyone who has an idea and worried about online fraud, is to research the company online to see what other people are saying about the company, check with the BBB, and also ask a lot of questions to the rep. [Thoughts To Paper] provided all these resources. If the company isn't willing to answer your questions or explain the process in detail, then move to a company that will. [Thoughts To Paper] was that company for me. It's important to know if the company isn't sensitive to your needs or invention, it won't work. [Thoughts To Paper] allowed my patent filing process to go really smooth. I am extremely grateful for the service I was given. Thank you [my invention consultant] and also thank you [Thoughts To Paper]!

Ricky H.
Dallas , TX
[Thoughts To Paper] has been great to work with, they jumped right on my application and worked with me right through the deadline. It pays to have an absolutely clear vision of what your patentis and is not when getting into this process.

T S.
Rumford , RI
My first experience with [Thoughts To Paper] has been close to perfect. The individual attention, quality of work and service performed has been consistent from initial to latest contact and filing. The project was relatively small but it has paved the way for future assignments and I will not hesitate to return as a client.

Peter B.
San Diego , CA
Excellent responses and overall outstanding professional services.

C. G
Belle Mead , NJ
Excellent. This service is way better then the other web site I used in the past. Got lots of feedback and questions answered. If I need to file again I will use your services.

David Y
Buford , GA
From the very beginning working with [my invention consultant] at [Thoughts To Paper], the process was seamless. She was extemely knowledgeable, concise and a pleasure to work with. Having our intellectual property protected with a patent is the best insurance we could have bought.

Richard C.
Santa Rosa , CA
My experience has been very Positive. [Thoughts to Paper] has been professional, and very helpful in organizing the information necessary for my idea. [Thoughts to Paper] has also been very good in responding to any question I had in a timely manner. The whole experience has been a positive one. Regards,

D L.
Baltimore , MD
I'm very pleased with the service. The process went smoothly and efficiently.

Chris F
Atlanta , GA