Benefits of Patent Management

This articles provides an understanding of the benefits for using patent management services.

Patent management services give you peace of mind by ensuring that patent rights you own are protected and maintained.

On Time Maintenance
An issued patent requires periodic payment of maintenance fees to the US Patent Office. Failure to pay on time can result in hefty late fees or loss of patent rights. Thoughts to Paper utilizes two backed-up simultaneous scheduling systems along with follow-up correspondence to ensure that maintenance fees are paid on time and accounted for.

Ownership Verification
Occassionally, patent ownership information may become incorrect. Patent management will perform periodic checks to ensure that you are the proper owner on file for your patent and that it has not been erroneously transferred to someone else.

Infringement Check
Patent management will also perform occassional searches of newly issued patents to see if any may be potentially infringing upon your patent.

Patent Consultation
Any questions you have regarding your patent can be submitted for answering. All questions are answered by a licensed patent professional. If necessary, phone or virtual meeting consultation will be arranged as part of the patent management service.