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Thoughts to Patent Process:How to Get a Patent

The Thoughts to Patent Process helps you develop your idea and protect it with a patent.

Amateur patent drawing & specifications

Put your "Thoughts to Paper"

The first step is to organize your idea in a way that can be understood by others. Solidify your idea and write down all the details. Create a visual of your invention. Do not worry about the structure, formatting or legal terms used in your write-up, we will take care of that. Simply explain what your invention is and how it works so that it can be understood by others.

Document folder with magnifying glass

Obtain a Patent Search Report

A patent search report uncovers existing inventions similar to yours that are already patented. Having this knowledge will give you a better idea of if your invention is novel and therefore able to receive a patent. This information is valuable towards deciding if you should proceed with a patent application and which part of your invention to focus on.

Professional patent drawing & specifications

Quickly protect your idea with a Provisional Patent

Before you tell the world about your brilliant new idea, we will protect it for 12 months with a provisional patent. A provisional patent is a quick and inexpensive way to protect your idea before going forward with a full non-provisional patent. The 12 months protection period gives you time to evaluate commercial value, gather resources, or even sell your idea outright.

Patent documents posted on bulletin board

Test the market or pitch to companies & investors

Once you have secured your invention filing date with a provisional patent application, test the market by selling your invention or pitching it to companies and investors. If your product sells well or companies are interested in your invention, you now have the confidence to proceed with a full non-provisional patent application.

Issued letters patent

Apply for a full Non-Provisional Patent

You have put your thoughts to paper, done your research, and decided you wish to obtain a patent for your idea. You are now ready to apply for a full non-provisional patent which will give you patent rights for 20 years for a utility invention or 14 years for a design invention. Through Thoughts to Paper's Application Facilitation service, you can enjoy the tremendous benefits of having an experienced patent firm draft and file your application while paying reduced, fixed fees.