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Test the Market & Pitch Your Invention

If you have a provisional patent application, use the strategies below in your 12 month period of time to decide if you will pursue a non-provisional patent.

If you have a non-provisional patent application, use the strategies below to take your invention to market.

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Sell To Consumers

If you have the resources to sell your invention directly to consumers, you can easily enter the market and even cut out a middle-man.


Get Quotes from Manufacturers or Suppliers

If your invention will require a manufacturer or supplier, contact them to obtain cost quotes.

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Pitch to Investors

If funding is needed, seek out investors. Investors may be venture capitalists, angel investors, or friends and family.

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Pitch to Companies

Companies are constantly looking for innovative new inventions. You may be able to sell your invention outright or negotiate a licensing deal.

Thoughts to Paper is not an invention promotion company and highly recommends you carry out the strategies on your own.

Industry Tips

Thoughts to Paper recommends you bring your product to market by directly approaching interested parties. Be careful of invention promotion companies.

Once you have secured your invention with a patent and your invention is "patent pending", use some or all of the strategies mentioned on the left side of this page depending on your objectives.

Many inventors achieve success with their invention by putting the time and effort required to get the word out about your invention and catch the attention of interested parties.

Success with an invention is somewhat of a gamble. It is also a numbers game. If you pitch your invention to a certain amount of interested parties, you may get a few responses.

Those who want to get rich quick are likely to get scammed! Inventors who do not wish to commit any time and effort will likely at some point run across an Invention Promotion Company.

On the surface, an Invention Promotion Company may seem like the perfect solution as they will try to bring your product to market. However, many of them profit off of the lack in effort of an inventor. You may pay money and not receive any results.

Before committing to an Invention Promotion Company, ask the company for its track record. See how many of its clients have received a financial profit as a result of the company's promotions and also how many clients have received license agreements.

Be cautious of an Invention Promotion Company that asks for a large up front fee and also a percentage of royalties from any successful licensing. If a company asks for a percentage of royalties, they should not ask for a large up front fee. Vice versa, a large up front fee should replace asking for a percentage of royalties.

Remember, companies big and small are always looking for new inventions to expand their product line. With some time and effort, you can do mostly everything an Invention Promotion Company can do.

Thoughts to Paper is not an invention promotion company. We focus on the first step of the invention process which is to patent it through quality professionals.


These resources may be useful for when you market your invention. Know of a good resource? Contact us.

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Invention Promotion Scam Prevention

A brochure published by the US Patent Office with tips to spot invention promotion scams.

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