Patent Process:

  • Put your “Thoughts to Paper”

  • Obtain a Patent Search Report

  • Quickly protect your idea with a Provisional Patent

  • Test the Market or Pitch to Companies & Investors

  • Apply for a Full Non-Provisional Utility Patent



$295 Fixed Fee


  • Patent Search Fields:
  • US issed & pending patents
  • European issued & pending patents
  • Most international patents within the last 30 years

Patent Search Process

  • 1. Complete the patent search application.
  • 2. Search is performed and a search report is compiled.
  • 3. Discusss the results with your Invention Consultant.

Speak with a Patent Search Consultant

Completed your Patent Search?

Apply for a Provisional Patent Application

Once you have conducted your Patent Search Report, you are more familiar with your market and are aware of the patents similar to your invention.

We recommend your next step be to apply for a Provisional Patent Application! A provisional patent application is a quick and


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