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Our Advantage

Personal Consultant

Your assigned consultant can guide you through the inventing process.

You are assigned a consultant who will get to know you and guide you on the resources we offer. We don't give legal advice but will point you in the right direction. When it's time to get legal advice, we'll send you to an attorney who will review your situation.

Professional Patent Filings

We'll help you prepare and file a patent application or have it filed by a patent attorney or patent agent.

We'll guide you from start to finish with filing your patent application. Whether it is filed by our team or reviewed and filed by a licensed patent practitioner, know that we have the resources to help.

Fixed Fees

Know your costs up front, no hourly rates

With our Application Facilitation™ system, we pay the hourly rates charged by the patent firm while giving you a fixed price up front to pay. This reduces cost uncertainty and reduces your overall risk.

About Us

Thoughts to Paper was started to provide everyday individuals and small businesses with quality services to patent an invention, design, or idea.

We saw a problem -- Lots of everyday people had great ideas, wanted to patent them, but did not know how to go about doing so.

Some called patent firms to hear that their patent application would cost about $8,000 and needed to then be approved by the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). With such a large up front risk, many were discouraged from pursuing.

Some others would buy patent-it-yourself kits or books only to realize that it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to properly draft a quality patent application and respond to rejections from the USPTO.

Finally, some inventors turned to invention promotion companies, which frequently give "free inventor's kits" and advertise on late-night TV. They would then realize that these companies sell claims to bring an invention to market and are in the business to promote an invention, not patent it.

Thoughts to Paper wanted to be the resource where inventors could go and have the resources to prepare and file a quality patent application at a reasonable price.

To reduce the fees charged by patent attornyes and agents, we offered to reduce their overhead and allow them to focus only on the important legal aspects of a patent application. For example, we perform advertising services to attorneys so they don't need to. Then, we help inventors explain their invention with technical writing and drawings so that attorneys spend less time figuring out what an inventor's invention is. We also provide certain paralegal services for the attorneys to again reduce their overhead. The result is being able to provide patent services at reasonable, fixed prices.

What We Are Not

We are not an invention promotion.

Invention promotion and submission companies make claims that they can help bring your product to market. Thoughts to Paper focuses on the first step to take for a great idea, which is to patent it through quality professionals. Work directly with a patent firm to protect your invention.

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